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1.inclined to waste time and lag behind
2.wasting time
3.using cautious slow strategy to wear down opposition

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  • dilatoriness
  • dilator
  • dilation and curettage
  • dilation
  • dilater
  • dilated
  • dilate
  • dilatation and curettage
  • dilatation
  • dilapidation
  • dilatory plea
  • dilaudid
  • dilemma
  • dilettante
  • dilettanteish
  • dilettantish
  • diligence
  • diligent
  • diligently
  • dill
  • scepter
  • ian wilmut
  • boson
  • commercial art
  • turtle
  • decolour
  • go under
  • peneplain
  • erethizon dorsatum
  • preach

  • Idiom of the Day

    hit the ceiling
    to get angry
    His wife is going to hit the ceiling when she sees the bill for the car repair.


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  • Musical Instruments

    Tabla Pair s

    Tabla is basically a set of two drums known as Dayan (right Tabla) and the Bayan (left) or the Dugga. Dayan or tabla is a cylindrical, wooden drum made of black wood and played with the right hand and Bayan or duggi- the left hand drum is made of metal, wood, or ceramic has slightly conical and bowl shape. A black spot on both the drums occupies the centre of the head. Known as siyahi, this black raised area is usually made of rice, glue, graphite, and iron fillings. The siyahi is essential to the sound of the tabla. The sound is generated by beating the membrane of drums with hands.

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