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direct marketing

1.marketing via a promotion delivered directly to the individual prospective customer

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  • direct mailer
  • direct mail
  • direct loan
  • direct flight
  • direct fire
  • direct examination
  • direct evidence
  • direct dye
  • direct discourse
  • direct current
  • direct object
  • direct primary
  • direct quotation
  • direct sum
  • direct support
  • direct supporting fire
  • direct tax
  • direct tide
  • direct trust
  • direct-grant school
  • batna
  • non-resiny
  • genus stellaria
  • in spades
  • tolinase
  • coronary insufficiency
  • nonliterate
  • pyroligneous acid
  • domestic sheep
  • chlorothiazide

  • Idiom of the Day

    make up (something/money/time)
    to do or supply something that is lacking, to regain or repay something
    I had to make up the time that I was sick by working on Saturday.

    The plane landed ________ the airport

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  • Exercises Ideas

    Side To Side Push Up

    Begin in the standard push up position, but as you descend lean to one side to add more stress to that side. Switch the side you lean towards with each rep.

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