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1.easy to perceive
2.(often followed by `from') not alike
3.constituting a separate entity or part
5.clearly or sharply defined to the mind

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  • distillment
  • distillery
  • distiller
  • distilled water
  • distillation
  • distillate
  • distill
  • distil
  • distich
  • distention
  • distinction
  • distinctive
  • distinctive feature
  • distinctively
  • distinctiveness
  • distinctly
  • distinctness
  • distinguish
  • distinguishable
  • distinguished
  • cornu
  • anastigmatic
  • tewkesbury
  • wood-creeper
  • nickel-iron accumulator
  • titan
  • elaphurus davidianus
  • roentgenoscope
  • tin
  • subtilin

  • Idiom of the Day

    from near and far
    from all around
    The people came from near and far to see the new stadium.

    The store is having a ________ this Friday.

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  • Benefits of Turnips

    Turnip is a root vegetable

    Turnip is a root vegetable that grows in temperate climate. Turnip looks larger than radish and resembles an apple. The turnip has a large globe shaped root with a purple cap and white flesh. The leaves attached to the root are usually large and dark green in color. Turnip is a starch vegetable and is considered as a rich source of folic acid, manganese, niacin, potassium, riboflavin and vitamin C. Turnip or brassica rapa belongs to the mustard family and is a widely cultivated root vegetable. Turnips are tolerant of harsh weathers and can therefore be cultivated in places having extreme weather conditions. Turnips have a white fleshy part with a green stalk. Both the fleshy part and the turnip greens are edible. Small and tender varieties are used by humans while larger varieties of this vegetable are considered as animal feed. Turnip is considered as a wholesome meal. Turnips can either be cooked, toasted, roasted, fried or had raw. Though turnip is a starch vegetable like the potato, intake of turnip contributes only one third the calories as compared to consuming similar amount of potatoes. The smaller, younger turnips are sweet to taste and have a delicate flavor. Turnip greens can be easily grown and are ideal inclusions as green leafy vegetables. Intake of turnip is not advisable for weight gain seekers. Turnip recipes include raw salads, juices and can also be included in main course spreads. Turnip salad can be accompanied by cabbage, carrots and beets.

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