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1.easy to perceive
2.(often followed by `from') not alike
3.constituting a separate entity or part
5.clearly or sharply defined to the mind

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  • distillment
  • distillery
  • distiller
  • distilled water
  • distillation
  • distillate
  • distill
  • distil
  • distich
  • distention
  • distinction
  • distinctive
  • distinctive feature
  • distinctively
  • distinctiveness
  • distinctly
  • distinctness
  • distinguish
  • distinguishable
  • distinguished
  • gulf of corinth
  • abbreviator
  • rhythmic
  • prunus sieboldii
  • giant sunflower
  • give a damn
  • class plectomycetes
  • recantation
  • brush discharge
  • genus anigozanthus

  • Idiom of the Day

    keyed up
    to be excited, to be nervous
    I was keyed up after we won the game and I could not go to sleep easily.

    I ________ down her address and promised to write soon

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