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1.easy to perceive
2.(often followed by `from') not alike
3.constituting a separate entity or part
5.clearly or sharply defined to the mind

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  • distillment
  • distillery
  • distiller
  • distilled water
  • distillation
  • distillate
  • distill
  • distil
  • distich
  • distention
  • distinction
  • distinctive
  • distinctive feature
  • distinctively
  • distinctiveness
  • distinctly
  • distinctness
  • distinguish
  • distinguishable
  • distinguished
  • quintupling
  • plasmin
  • cakile maritima
  • shute
  • traduce
  • soul-searching
  • russo-japanese war
  • bumble
  • sung dynasty
  • fairy bell

  • Idiom of the Day

    nip (something) in the bud
    to stop something at the start
    We were able to nip the computer problem in the bud.

    I'm disorganised and find it hard to ________ my time well.

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    Magic wardrobe

    Open shelving has been fixed to the back of the mirror panelled bedhead in designer Ann Boyds small home create a walk in wardrobe space tucked away from view.

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