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1.easy to perceive
2.(often followed by `from') not alike
3.constituting a separate entity or part
5.clearly or sharply defined to the mind

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  • distillment
  • distillery
  • distiller
  • distilled water
  • distillation
  • distillate
  • distill
  • distil
  • distich
  • distention
  • distinction
  • distinctive
  • distinctive feature
  • distinctively
  • distinctiveness
  • distinctly
  • distinctness
  • distinguish
  • distinguishable
  • distinguished
  • vestibular apparatus
  • methylthionine chloride
  • consonantal system
  • collinsia bicolor
  • dressing gown
  • dasheen
  • centaurium minus
  • put-upon
  • sison
  • wild buckwheat

  • Idiom of the Day

    invasion of (someone's) privacy
    intruding and causing someone to lose their privacy
    It was an invasion of our privacy when the supervisor opened the mail that we received in the company.

    He reached his office at 10.00 a.m. and
    (P) no sooner
    (Q) than there was a huge explosion
    (R) had he got out of the car
    (S) and it went up in flames

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  • Chinese Embroidery


    Quillwork is a form of textile embellishment traditionally practiced by Native Americans that employs the quills of porcupines as an aesthetic element. Quills from bird feathers were also occasionally used in quillwork.

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