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1.presence of diverticula in the walls of the colon

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  • diverticulitis
  • diverted
  • divert
  • diversity
  • diversionist
  • diversionary landing
  • diversionary attack
  • diversionary
  • diversion
  • diversify
  • diverticulum
  • divertimento
  • diverting
  • divertingly
  • divest
  • divestiture
  • divi-divi
  • dividable
  • divide
  • divided
  • hosepipe
  • chirpiness
  • silurian period
  • soren aabye kierkegaard
  • alexander woollcott
  • stinker
  • borneo
  • pitressin
  • endemism
  • elementary

  • Idiom of the Day

    watch one's step
    to act cautiously so that you don't make a mistake or anger someone
    You should watch your step when you complain to the manager.

    I always listen to ________ radio on my way into work

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    Diving and Elevated Entry

    Diving is permitted only into clear, unobstructed water from heights no greater than 40 inches. Water depth must be at least 7 feet. Bottom depth contours below diving boards and elevated surfaces require greater water depths and must conform to state regulations. Persons should not jump into water from heights greater than they are tall, and should jump only into water chest deep or greater with minimal risk from contact with the bottom. No elevated entry is permitted where the person must clear any obstacle, including land.

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