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1.short for dividend

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  • divulgence
  • divulgement
  • divulge
  • divot
  • divorcement
  • divorcee
  • divorced man
  • divorced
  • divorce lawyer
  • divorce court
  • divvy up
  • diwan
  • dixie
  • dixie cup
  • dixiecrats
  • dixieland
  • dizen
  • dizygotic
  • dizygotic twin
  • dizygous
  • fib
  • real
  • potato moth
  • strix aluco
  • neritid
  • vesuvian
  • troglodytes troglodytes
  • bachelor girl
  • canary islands
  • mushroom anchor

  • Idiom of the Day

    according to Hoyle
    doing something strictly by the rules, doing something the usual and correct way (Hoyle was a writer who was an expert on the rules of card games)
    "According to Hoyle, we should not use this room but probably nobody will complain if we do use it."

    The project was set ________ for several weeks because of the appalling weather

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