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1.a group of islands in the southeast Aegean Sea

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  • dodecahedron
  • dodecagon
  • doddle
  • doddery
  • doddering
  • dodderer
  • dodder
  • dod
  • documented
  • documentation
  • dodecanoic acid
  • dodge
  • dodge city
  • dodgem
  • dodger
  • dodging
  • dodgson
  • dodgy
  • dodo
  • dodonaea
  • gari
  • cadra cautella
  • popularity
  • placidity
  • revising
  • puller
  • epicurean
  • extramarital
  • tonsure
  • arcus

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep a close rein on (someone or something)
    to strictly watch and control someone or something
    The mother was keeping a close rein on her child at the shopping center.

    I will have ________ of your silliness.

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  • Benefits of Plum


    Plum extracts are valuable for treating obesity and other complications associated with obesity.Studieshave shown that consumption of stone fruits such as plums helps in fighting metabolic syndrome, due to the presence of bioactive compounds. The flavonoids and phenolic components such as anthocyanins, chlorogenic acids, quercetin, and catechins present in plums exert anti obesity and anti inflammatory effects on the different bodily cells, including the fat cells, and they also help in preventing obesity related problems such as cholesterol disorders, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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