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1.an industrial region in the Ukraine

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  • donatus
  • donato di betto bardi
  • donato d'agnolo bramante
  • donato bramante
  • donatist
  • donatism
  • donation
  • donatello
  • donated
  • donate
  • donbass
  • done
  • done for
  • done up
  • done with
  • donee
  • donets basin
  • donetsk
  • donetske
  • dong
  • diamond jim brady
  • sal ammoniac
  • troposphere
  • vascularization
  • cocobolo
  • jarringly
  • norris
  • sittidae
  • mountain ash
  • anorthopia

  • Idiom of the Day

    two bricks shy of a load
    someone who is not very smart or clever
    The young man is two bricks shy of a load and is very difficult to talk to.

    It was a year of series of (a) / boundary situations forcing a thinking individual (b) / to face the absurdities and ambiguities (c) / of the human condition. (d) /No error (e).

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    The UFO Sweden

    This sci fi fantasy is owned by the same brilliant minds that created the Mirrorcube. Suspended in the trees of Harads, Sweden, visitors should be prepared to jet off to worlds unknown at least in their dreams.

    Chourishi Systems