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1.a jamb for a door

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  • doorplate
  • doornail
  • doormat
  • doorman
  • doorlock
  • doorknocker
  • doorknob
  • doorkeeper
  • doorjamb
  • doorhandle
  • doorsill
  • doorstep
  • doorstop
  • doorstopper
  • doorway
  • dooryard
  • dopa
  • dopamine
  • dopastat
  • dope
  • enforcement
  • edward estlin cummings
  • wallet
  • sunburst
  • infertile
  • shalwar
  • bowlful
  • genus coracias
  • hakeem
  • united states dry unit

  • Idiom of the Day

    lose touch with (someone)
    to fail to keep in contact or communication with someone
    I lost touch with the people who I worked with at my summer job.


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  • Benefits of Maizes

    Burning Micturition

    Boil fresh corn on the cob. Strain out the water. Add candy sugar to this water and drink. This relieves the burning sensation as well as makes the kidneys healthier. When maize was initially cultivated in the Americas, it was grown along with beans and squash. The beans used the stalks of the maize to support themselves as they grew, while the squash offered a ground cover. The combination was also healthy for the soil, which was additionally enriched with alkaline substances. The addition of alkali to the soil proved to be an important part of growing maize, as alkali frees up niacin in the grain.

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