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1.a college or university building containing living quarters for students
2.a large sleeping room containing several beds

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  • dormition
  • dormie
  • dormer window
  • dormer
  • dormant account
  • dormant
  • dormancy
  • dorm room
  • dorm
  • dorking
  • dormitory room
  • dormouse
  • dormy
  • doronicum
  • doroteo arango
  • dorothea lange
  • dorotheanthus
  • dorotheanthus bellidiformis
  • dorothy dix
  • dorothy hodgkin
  • nondriver
  • cuneal
  • clean-shaven
  • hammer throw
  • ataxic
  • motivative
  • rbi
  • burnett
  • straw vote
  • future tense

  • Idiom of the Day

    in one`s good books/graces
    approved of by someone, liked by someone
    I am in my friend's good books after helping her with her homework last month.

    entourage -a train of

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