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1.a short descriptive poem of rural or pastoral life

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  • ecliptic
  • eclipsis
  • eclipse
  • eclecticist
  • eclecticism
  • eclectic method
  • eclectic
  • eclat
  • eclampsia
  • eclair
  • ecm
  • eco-warfare
  • ecobabble
  • ecologic
  • ecological
  • ecological niche
  • ecological succession
  • ecological terrorism
  • ecological warfare
  • ecologically
  • arteria palatina
  • dishcloth gourd
  • trip-up
  • mutate
  • dressing sacque
  • stamper
  • ursus thibetanus
  • carpet sweeper
  • superstitiously
  • cytologic smear

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep the lid on (something)
    to restrain something, to keep something quiet
    The hospital worked hard to keep the lid on the drug scandal.

    He is usually ...... , but today he appears rather ......

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