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edible cockle

1.common edible European cockle

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  • Idiom of the Day

    in detail
    giving all the details, item by item
    I told the police about the events in detail.
    I explained how to fix the computer in detail.

    The tortoise agreed that the hare ran as fast as the wind but claimed that he could easily ________ him in a race.

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    Batman & Robin Its er one flaw

    Den Of Geek is well known for its fondness for Batman & Robin. It s a cruelly dismissed mini masterpiece of comic camp (don t worry, he s not being serious Ed), but there s one thing even we writers on the site can t accept. If Mr Freeze really does have a terrible condition which has meant he has to lock his body in what amounts to a walking freezer unit, for fear of over heating and dying, then why is he smoking a cigar? That s just asking for trouble.

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