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edible cockle

1.common edible European cockle

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  • edibility
  • edgy
  • edging
  • edginess
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  • edgeways
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  • edward lear
  • suborder heterostraci
  • sparrow
  • catenulate
  • antiferromagnetic
  • velvet bent
  • industrial plant
  • bakshis
  • mammalian
  • foil

  • Idiom of the Day

    go easy on (someone or something)
    to be kind or gentle with someone or something
    I asked my friend to go easy on my car when he borrowed it.

    She wanted me ________ it

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  • Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

    Set your picture style to portrait even if shooting in RAW

    Canon calls them picture styles, and Nikon calls them picture controls. Whatever you call it, the way the camera processes the photo will have a (fairly significant) impact on how the final picture looks. Many photographers are taught that the picture style doesn t matter if you re shooting in RAW, because you can change it later without any loss of data. While this is true, it fails to take into account the fact that the photo shown on the back of the LCD is a JPEG preview that uses the picture style. This can impact the way you expose the picture and how you set up lighting. Since I m mostly a landscape photographer, I always have to remember to change to the portrait picture style when I shoot people or else I will mess up the lighting if I think there is too much contrast between foreground and background.

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