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1.a rapid automatic system to detect plastic explosives in passengers' luggage using X-ray technology and computers

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  • edouard vuillard
  • edouard manet
  • edouard lemaitre
  • edo
  • edna saint vincent millay
  • edna o'brien
  • edna millay
  • edna ferber
  • edsel bryant ford
  • eduard buchner
  • educate
  • educated
  • educatee
  • education
  • education department
  • education secretary
  • educational
  • educational activity
  • swimmingly
  • unenlightenment
  • dentaria bulbifera
  • genus agonus
  • squeeze by
  • pancake
  • leadbelly
  • pygoscelis adeliae
  • basic
  • depending on

  • Idiom of the Day

    get busy
    to become busy
    My friend is getting busy recently and I have no time to meet him.

    The minister ________ off a load of statistics to defend her department's actions

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  • Pink Lakes of the World

    Koyashskoe Lake Ukraine 1

    Koyashskoe Lake is part of a system of shallow lagoons in the Crimea called Sivash also known as the Rotten Sea.
    he smell of rotten eggs may be present across the Coachella Valley for at least a third time in less than a week.The Salton sea is producing high concentrations hydrogen sulfide which smell like rotten eggs according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The stench could make its way across the entire Coachella Valley.

    The hourly average concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air peaked at 32 parts per billion Wednesday night exceeding the state standard of 30 parts per billion.
    Thats still below the 44 parts per billion that were detected Friday.Elevated hydrogen sulfide levels are not expected Thursday but an odor may spread if winds blow in from the southeast region near the Salton Sea according to the management district.

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