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edward young

1.English poet (1683-1765)

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  • edwy
  • ee
  • run for
  • mahound
  • engine driver
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  • cementum
  • affiant
  • psidium cattleianum
  • celandine poppy
  • variorum edition
  • microgramma

  • Idiom of the Day

    soft spot for (someone or something)
    a feeling of affection toward a person or thing
    My mother has a soft spot for the elderly lady in her apartment building.

    Turn on the television and look at the current news programme and you will find everyone discussing the ________ issue of the day.

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    Megamouth Shark

    Since its discovery in 1976 this extremely rare species of deep water shark has rarely been seen by human eyes and as of yet there is still no consensus in the scientific community as to how to actually classify it. Its most distinctive feature as you probably guessed is its gaping mouth that it most likely uses to swallow plankton and small fish.

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