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1.of or relating to the self

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  • egoist
  • egoism
  • egocentrism
  • egocentric
  • ego trip
  • ego ideal
  • ego
  • eglantine
  • egis
  • eggwhisk
  • egoistical
  • egomania
  • egomaniac
  • egotism
  • egotist
  • egotistic
  • egotistical
  • egotistically
  • egotrip
  • egregious
  • competitor
  • genus crangon
  • gold-bearing
  • daimon
  • irritability
  • lobbying expense
  • subjectivist
  • raisin bran
  • drymarchon
  • cyclosorus

  • Idiom of the Day

    have eyes bigger than one's stomach
    to a desire for more food than one can eat
    I had eyes bigger than my stomach when I took too much food at the buffet.

    The trouble is that there are some very ________ rain clouds over the north.

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    Check Sports Equipment

    If youve had to take your kids shoe shopping in the past year, chances are theyll need bigger hockey skates or ski boots, too, says Holly Benjamin, M.D., a pediatric sports medicine specialist at the University of Chicago. A proper fit decreases injury risk, she says. Too small footgear can be overly constricting, while oversized equipment can leave them wobbly and prone to falls, as well as let snow sneak in, speeding heat loss. Have your childs winter sports gear checked by a professional at the beginning of the season. And make sure goggles fit and hoods arent oversized, both of which can obscure vision.

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