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electric main

1.a main that distributes electricity

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  • electric locomotive
  • electric light
  • electric lamp
  • electric heater
  • electric healing
  • electric hammer
  • electric guitar
  • electric glow
  • electric furnace
  • electric frying pan
  • electric meter
  • electric mixer
  • electric motor
  • electric organ
  • electric outlet
  • electric pig
  • electric potential
  • electric power
  • electric range
  • electric ray
  • genus gentiana
  • maiden over
  • feel like a million dollars
  • plate tectonic theory
  • rule of thumb
  • instill
  • elkhound
  • known as
  • department of anthropology
  • telekinesis

  • Idiom of the Day

    off balance
    to be not prepared for something, to be unable to meet the unexpected
    I was off balance when my boss asked me to deliver the speech instead of him.

    It ________ Mexico.

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