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1.enough to meet a purpose enough adv.
1.as much as necessary enough n.
1.an adequate quantity

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  • enosis
  • enormousness
  • enormously
  • enormous
  • enormity
  • enology
  • enologist
  • enolic
  • enol
  • ennui
  • enounce
  • enovid
  • enplane
  • enquire
  • enquirer
  • enquiringly
  • enquiry
  • enrage
  • enraged
  • enragement
  • bodiless
  • butadiene
  • battle cry
  • inhalation anesthetic
  • synchromesh
  • oxidisation
  • rocklike
  • linguistics
  • beggarly
  • bogmat

  • Idiom of the Day

    have the wherewithal to (do something)
    to have the money or energy to do something
    The man does not have the wherewithal to go to court and fight his case.

    Nobody's got to leave early, ________?

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