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1.having complicated nutritional requirements
2.severe and unremitting in making demands
3.requiring precise accuracy

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  • exacta
  • exact
  • exacerbation
  • exacerbating
  • exacerbate
  • ex-spouse
  • ex-serviceman
  • ex-president
  • ex-mayor
  • ex-husband
  • exaction
  • exactitude
  • exactly
  • exactness
  • exacum
  • exacum affine
  • exaeretodon
  • exaggerate
  • exaggerated
  • exaggeratedly
  • mount etna
  • have it coming
  • wichita
  • larix russica
  • verruca acuminata
  • genus bombycilla
  • disability benefit
  • solemn
  • genus chateura
  • appointed

  • Idiom of the Day

    bring (something) to a head
    to cause something to reach a point where a decision or some action is necessary
    The accident will bring the issue of safety to a head.

    Now, it's your ________ to tell me.

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    Working with Weights Using machines

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