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1.a systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic

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  • expound
  • exposure therapy
  • exposure meter
  • exposure
  • expostulation
  • expostulate
  • expository
  • expositive
  • exposition
  • exposit
  • express
  • express emotion
  • express feelings
  • express joy
  • express luxury liner
  • express mail
  • express mirth
  • express trust
  • express-mail
  • expressage
  • developmental age
  • oscillogram
  • united states national library of medicine
  • succumb
  • direction finder
  • polo pony
  • national trading policy
  • faust
  • outlander
  • mammuthus

  • Idiom of the Day

    a fly in the ointment
    a small thing that spoils one's enjoyment of something
    The problem with the music was a fly in the ointment during the wedding ceremony.

    ________ a rainy day, we had to abandon the match.

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  • Gym guide Ideas

    Fixed weight barbell

    These are barbells shorter in length, and of a fixed weight. Theoretically, you can use them exactly the same as non fixed weight barbells. However, it is less common to use fixed weight barbells for Olympic lifts.

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