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1.a systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic

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  • expound
  • exposure therapy
  • exposure meter
  • exposure
  • expostulation
  • expostulate
  • expository
  • expositive
  • exposition
  • exposit
  • express
  • express emotion
  • express feelings
  • express joy
  • express luxury liner
  • express mail
  • express mirth
  • express trust
  • express-mail
  • expressage
  • dimple
  • thirty-sixth
  • mexican
  • electric sander
  • blossoming
  • crown wart
  • overmodest
  • sialidae
  • calycine
  • solidifying

  • Idiom of the Day

    come down hard on (someone)
    to scold or punish someone severely
    The police are coming down hard on drunk drivers now.

    They went (a) / on one side (b) / of the road. (c) / No error (d)

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  • Costliest Video Games Ever Produced

    Red Dead Redemption

    This Rockstars Western epic had an estimated development budget of around $100 Million with over 800 people working on the game at once. The workload was so daunting that a lot of these developers were brought in from other studios which were also owned by parent company Rockstar. It took a massive five years to complete the game development. Red Dead Redemption also had an extensive marketing campaign which included a short film airing on the Fox channel. With its release, Rockstar showed the world that they were capable of much more than just the GTA series.

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