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1.a systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic

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  • expound
  • exposure therapy
  • exposure meter
  • exposure
  • expostulation
  • expostulate
  • expository
  • expositive
  • exposition
  • exposit
  • express
  • express emotion
  • express feelings
  • express joy
  • express luxury liner
  • express mail
  • express mirth
  • express trust
  • express-mail
  • expressage
  • weightlessness
  • swosh
  • marriage broker
  • homograph
  • agaze
  • thyrotrophic hormone
  • hallucinating
  • sickness
  • order zygnematales
  • actinozoan

  • Idiom of the Day

    take umbrage at (something)
    to feel that one has been insulted by something
    The man took umbrage at the comments that were directed at him by his supervisor.

    He invented a machine to ________ people in wheelchairs to get up stairs.

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  • Animation Tips and Tricks

    Facial animation is about motion

    Were often asked whether there are certain poses that should always be built into face rigs to ensure the character can effectively express a natural range of emotion. The answer is that real emotion is expressed with the movement of the face: a lip quivering when a character is about to cry, the eyes darting around when a person is at a loss for words, or a character pressing their face tightly to avoid laughing at something.

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