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family bombyliidae

1.bee flies

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  • family bombycillidae
  • family bombycidae
  • family bombacaceae
  • family boletaceae
  • family boidae
  • family blenniidae
  • family blechnaceae
  • family blattidae
  • family blastodiaceae
  • family bittacidae
  • family boraginaceae
  • family bothidae
  • family bovidae
  • family bradypodidae
  • family bramidae
  • family branchiobdellidae
  • family branchiostegidae
  • family branchiostomidae
  • family brassicaceae
  • family brevicipitidae
  • malacca cane
  • cap off
  • prussia
  • maltman
  • stable factor
  • tacker
  • walter lippmann
  • spatial relation
  • gum sangapenum
  • espanole

  • Idiom of the Day

    throw up one`s hands (in defeat)
    to give up trying, to admit that one cannot succeed
    The professor threw up his hands and decided to let the students go home early.


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    Vanishing Water

    Like something out of a fantasy land, the Icelandic waterfall Gullfoss pours nearly 5,000 cubic feet (140 cubic meters) of water over its edge each second. Gullfoss (which means Golden Falls in English) is on the Hvita river in southwest Iceland. The falls were once considered for hydroelectric power, but fortunately for this stunning vista, they were sold to the Icelandic government instead and preserved. Now the spot is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland.

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