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family chamaeleontidae

1.Old World chameleons

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  • family chamaeleonidae
  • family chalcididae
  • family chalcidae
  • family chaetodontidae
  • family cetorhinidae
  • family cestidae
  • family cervidae
  • family certhiidae
  • family cercopithecidae
  • family cercopidae
  • family characeae
  • family characidae
  • family characinidae
  • family charadriidae
  • family chelonidae
  • family cheloniidae
  • family chelydridae
  • family chenopodiaceae
  • family chermidae
  • family chimaeridae
  • lay over
  • half-timbered
  • genus hyaena
  • three-wheeled
  • chinese black mushroom
  • kindhearted
  • extendible
  • alphabetic writing
  • schematic drawing
  • shaken

  • Idiom of the Day

    birds-eye view
    a view from high above, a brief look at something
    We had a birds-eye view of the playing field from our seats high up in the stadium.

    It was easy to realise why the machine had stopped working since it was a direct ________ of his failure to maintain it.

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