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family dasyproctidae

1.agoutis and pacas

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  • family dasypodidae
  • family dasyatidae
  • family danaidae
  • family dactyloscopidae
  • family dactylopteridae
  • family dactylopiidae
  • family dacrymycetaceae
  • family dacninae
  • family cyrilliaceae
  • family cyprinodontidae
  • family dasyuridae
  • family dasyurinae
  • family daubentoniidae
  • family davalliaceae
  • family delphinidae
  • family dematiaceae
  • family dendrocolaptidae
  • family dennstaedtiaceae
  • family dermestidae
  • family dermochelyidae
  • annular scotoma
  • shlock
  • blob
  • coating
  • inversely
  • sighting
  • gimmickry
  • prunellidae
  • aulostomus
  • basil mint

  • Idiom of the Day

    look back on (something)
    to remember something from one's past, to reminisce
    The man looked back on his trip to India with many good memories.

    Alice: I think his first name is Michael but I can't remember the ________ .

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  • Festivals India


    Baisakhi, is celebrated mostly in north more associated with the state of Punjab. This festival is associated with the harvest of Rabi crop. The festival also marks the birth anniversary of Khalsa Panth. Held on the first day of the Vaisakh month usually referred as month of April and May, this festival heralds atmosphere of enjoyment, lots of jubilance and fun. This festival is important for both Sikh and Hindus.

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