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family viperidae

1.Old World vipers

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  • family vespidae
  • family vespertilionidae
  • family verbenaceae
  • family veneridae
  • family varanidae
  • family valerianaceae
  • family ustilaginaceae
  • family usneaceae
  • family urticaceae
  • family vireonidae
  • family viscaceae
  • family vitaceae
  • family vittariaceae
  • family viverridae
  • family viverrinae
  • family volvariaceae
  • family volvocaceae
  • family vombatidae
  • family welwitschiaceae
  • meade
  • scatological
  • trapezius muscle
  • digitize
  • temple of artemis
  • venae sclerales
  • trailer truck
  • farting
  • aerodynamics
  • comparable to

  • Idiom of the Day

    lap up (something) or lap (something) up
    to eat or drink something with the tongue (as a dog or cat would)
    The dog lapped up the milk that his owner gave him.

    If fog starts to surround you, it closes down.

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  • Precaution while using Contact Lenses

    Avoid in presence of environmental fumes

    1. Always avoid wearing your contact lenses in the presence of environmental fumes, excessive smoke, dust or vapors and in severe windy conditions. Also, avoid wearing your contact lenses in the presence of chemicals, paint thinner, household cleaning substances, unusually polluted air, intense heat or any other abnormal atmospheric conditions.

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