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1.not fit to assume responsibility
2.generally incompetent and ineffectual

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  • fechner's law
  • fechner
  • feces
  • fecalith
  • fecal occult test
  • fecal matter
  • fecal impaction
  • fecal
  • february revolution
  • february daphne
  • fecklessly
  • fecklessness
  • fecula
  • feculent
  • fecund
  • fecundate
  • fecundation
  • fecundity
  • fed
  • fed up
  • balm of gilead
  • pointing
  • raid
  • lubricating substance
  • genus salpichroa
  • anuria
  • bassia scoparia
  • pellagra
  • frey
  • disorderly conduct

  • Idiom of the Day

    hit the road
    to leave
    We should hit the road early tomorrow morning if we want to reach the seashore before evening.

    You'll notice that as soon as the children come home from school, the dog will jump up and show its great ________ for them.

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  • Valentines Day Ideas for Couples

    A candlelight dinner date

    Who says you cannot have a dinner date if your boyfriend or girlfriend resides in some other city? Skype and other video conferencing options can help you set up a beautiful candlelight dinner with your partner. Although it might not be the same experience as being there with him her physically, it will at least give you the satisfaction of spending some quality time with your partner.

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