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1.not fit to assume responsibility
2.generally incompetent and ineffectual

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  • fechner's law
  • fechner
  • feces
  • fecalith
  • fecal occult test
  • fecal matter
  • fecal impaction
  • fecal
  • february revolution
  • february daphne
  • fecklessly
  • fecklessness
  • fecula
  • feculent
  • fecund
  • fecundate
  • fecundation
  • fecundity
  • fed
  • fed up
  • star-spangled banner
  • unregularity
  • whisperer
  • hypnotise
  • matrimonial law
  • brobdingnagian
  • hourlong
  • mangle
  • unchallenged
  • not yet

  • Idiom of the Day

    gift of the gab
    the ability to talk well
    My friend has the gift of the gab and is much fun at a party.

    I couldn't have tried any harder.

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  • New Year Poems

    Where has all the time gone

    it has passed time I mean the mere panting chanting of love songs why healing has occurred after meaningless processing emotions in a bottle awaiting a more fitting time to explore the clocks again the hour glass the pocket watch the mere coo coo clock chims over city hall the ball dropped the rocket exploded in mid air explaining gravity through painstaking memories left dangling on a light string revealing the ticking heart counting down lifes long energies of love laughter fear face to face with a shiny new year

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