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1.capable of producing offspring or vegetation
2.intellectually productive

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  • feculent
  • fecula
  • fecklessness
  • fecklessly
  • feckless
  • fechner's law
  • fechner
  • feces
  • fecalith
  • fecal occult test
  • fecundate
  • fecundation
  • fecundity
  • fed
  • fed up
  • fedayeen
  • fedayeen saddam
  • fedelline
  • federal
  • federal agency
  • wooly lip fern
  • bregmatic
  • wirehair
  • gastroenterostomy
  • underwater diver
  • plimsoll line
  • autolytic
  • ljubljana
  • whining
  • eccentric person

  • Idiom of the Day

    get a whiff of (something)
    to learn a little about something (almost by chance)
    Whenever the reporters get a whiff of a scandal they start asking questions.

    Gandhiji was not enamoured ...... the economic progress made by the modem West and did not ...... the Western nations to be more civilised.

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  • Venice

    Teatro La Fenice

    Teatro La Fenice is an opera house in Venice, Italy.It is one of the most famous and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre as well as those in Europe.Especially in the 19th century, La Fenice became the site of many famous operatic premieres at which the works of several of the four major bel canto era composers Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, and Verdi were performed.

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