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1.thin in diameter

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  • filament
  • filagree
  • filago germanica
  • filago
  • fijis
  • fijian
  • fiji islands
  • fiji dollar
  • fiji
  • figwort family
  • filamentous
  • filar
  • filaree
  • filaria
  • filarial
  • filariasis
  • filariid
  • filariidae
  • filature
  • filbert
  • rock geranium
  • carrier pigeon
  • anglia
  • diving petrel
  • nystatin
  • family notonectidae
  • inhalation anesthetic
  • biggish
  • stingily
  • nock

  • Idiom of the Day

    What one doesn't know won't hurt one.
    what you do not know will not worry or harm you
    What my aunt doesn't know won't hurt her and we don't need to tell her about the broken dish.


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    Lifting mood Skullcap tea

    Many herbal formulas promise relief from depression, low mood, anxiety, and insomnia. Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) appears in almost all of them. Drink the tea or take 2030 drops of the tincture daily in lots of water it tastes very bitter.

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