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1.thin in diameter

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  • filament
  • filagree
  • filago germanica
  • filago
  • fijis
  • fijian
  • fiji islands
  • fiji dollar
  • fiji
  • figwort family
  • filamentous
  • filar
  • filaree
  • filaria
  • filarial
  • filariasis
  • filariid
  • filariidae
  • filature
  • filbert
  • naproxen sodium
  • euphuism
  • jacobs
  • southern cabbage butterfly
  • kansa
  • whole lot
  • hypnotizer
  • surgical instrument
  • powerfulness
  • hermeneutics

  • Idiom of the Day

    the one-two
    quick or decisive action that takes someone by surprise
    The salesman gave the customer the one-two and the customer quickly agreed to buy the product.

    The car was so badly damaged that the insurance company wrote it ________

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  • Ways Your Office Job is Literally Killing You

    Endlessly staring at a computer screen harms your vision

    Even though computer screens dont give off radiation the strain from staring over long periods of time can cause harm to your vision though many effects are temporary. Beyond that you can also experience headaches and migraines.

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