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1.thin in diameter

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  • filament
  • filagree
  • filago germanica
  • filago
  • fijis
  • fijian
  • fiji islands
  • fiji dollar
  • fiji
  • figwort family
  • filamentous
  • filar
  • filaree
  • filaria
  • filarial
  • filariasis
  • filariid
  • filariidae
  • filature
  • filbert
  • canadian security intelligence service
  • badlands national park
  • four-letter anglo-saxon word
  • porridge
  • musically
  • navy man
  • euryale
  • colour in
  • io moth
  • removed

  • Idiom of the Day

    fine print
    the part of a document that you cannot easily notice because of the small size of the print but which often contains very important information
    I read the fine print on the contract before I signed it.

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  • Famous Nurses Who Made History

    Sophie Mannerheim

    The Baroness & Instrument to Finlands Modern Nursing (1863 to 1928) A fruit of modern nursing founder Florence Nightingales school at St. Thomas Hospital, in London, Sofia Sophie Mannerheim utilized her gained nursing knowledge and skills in her own country, Finland. Before journeying into the world or nursing, though, Sophie first worked as a bank employee for 6 years, and got into an 8 year long marriage in 1896. Mannerheims divorce gave her the opportunity to enter Nightingales school. When back in Finland, she was given the responsibility of a head nurse of Helsinki Surgical Hospital. Later on, she became president of the Finnish Nurses Association, which she handled for 24 years. Her success in the nursing field extended to the international community when she was elected president of the International Council of Nurses or ICN. Her accomplishments also included co founding of Helsinkis Childrens Hospital, and of the Mannerheim League for Childrens Welfare. Sofia Mannerheim, a baroness who came from a noble family and sister to former Finnish President Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, died on September 1, 1928.

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