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1.a disease caused by nematodes in the blood or tissues of the body causing blockage of lymphatic vessels

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  • filarial
  • filaria
  • filaree
  • filar
  • filamentous
  • filamentlike
  • filament
  • filagree
  • filago germanica
  • filago
  • filariid
  • filariidae
  • filature
  • filbert
  • filch
  • file
  • file allocation table
  • file away
  • file cabinet
  • file clerk
  • unmixable
  • genus brassica
  • cinnamon roll
  • musical
  • paraphrastic
  • trialeurodes vaporariorum
  • senecio bigelovii
  • pipe cleaner
  • radical mastectomy
  • bassinet

  • Idiom of the Day

    look on
    to watch, to observe, to be a spectator
    Many people looked on as the fire burned in the building.

    If you have a day off, you don't go to work.

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  • The Crazy and Pick Up Trucks

    Smart For Us concept

    This is the pick up truck of the future as glimpsed through the eyes of today s car designers and predictably, there s not a sonorous V8 in sight. The Smart For Us concept debuted at the Detroit Motor Show in 2012 boasting a 73hp electric motor and a top speed of 75mph (121kph). There are even a couple of rechargeable e bikes in the back for when the For Us runs out of batteries.

    Chourishi Systems