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finger spelling

1.an alphabet of manual signs

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  • finger scanning
  • finger scan
  • finger plate
  • finger paint
  • finger millet
  • finger hole
  • finger grass
  • finger food
  • finger cymbals
  • finger bowl
  • finger wave
  • finger's breadth
  • finger-flower
  • finger-paint
  • finger-painting
  • finger-pointing
  • finger-roll
  • finger-root
  • finger-spell
  • fingerboard
  • yosemite national park
  • family psychodidae
  • masterpiece
  • paprilus
  • macrodactylus
  • innocent iii
  • myosin
  • flatbread
  • antagonistically
  • portable

  • Idiom of the Day

    straighten out (someone or something) or straighten (someone or something) out
    to cause someone's bad behavior to improve, to organize or fix something that is in confusion or disorder
    I went to the bank to straighten out the problem with my credit card.

    If you wish to temporarily rent your apartment to someone else, that means you ________ your apartment to that person.

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    Ugli juice

    A glass of ugli juice makes a refreshing, flavourful change to fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit. The juice is delicious warmed as a hot toddy with rum, and sweetened with honey or brown sugar, or used to make ice creams and souffls. Peel, slice away the pith and cut out the segments to use in a salad, as a cheesecake topping, or on its own as a dessert drizzled with sherry or Kirsch. The peel and juice together make marvelous marmalade.

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