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finger spelling

1.an alphabet of manual signs

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  • finger scanning
  • finger scan
  • finger plate
  • finger paint
  • finger millet
  • finger hole
  • finger grass
  • finger food
  • finger cymbals
  • finger bowl
  • finger wave
  • finger's breadth
  • finger-flower
  • finger-paint
  • finger-painting
  • finger-pointing
  • finger-roll
  • finger-root
  • finger-spell
  • fingerboard
  • plonk down
  • kundt's tube
  • poorly
  • macadamia ternifolia
  • adenopathy
  • iliac artery
  • paul adrien maurice dirac
  • sparkling water
  • self-evident
  • harmonious

  • Idiom of the Day

    fan the flames of (something)
    to make a situation worse
    The speech by the labor leader fanned the flames of the angry workers.

    He ________ his boat every morning for exercise.

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