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1.having a fluffy character or appearance

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  • floccule
  • flocculation
  • flocculate
  • floccose chanterelle
  • floccose
  • floc
  • floaty
  • floatplane
  • floating-point representation system
  • floating-point operation
  • flock
  • flodden
  • flodden field
  • floe
  • flog
  • flogger
  • flogging
  • flood
  • flood control
  • flood in
  • orphanage
  • naja hannah
  • hydrosphere
  • kernig's sign
  • sprocket wheel
  • party favor
  • hemerobiid fly
  • strobile
  • al dente
  • genus passerina

  • Idiom of the Day

    create an uproar
    to cause a sensation or outburst
    The referees created an uproar when they asked the star player to leave the game.

    What time do you ________ up in the morning?

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