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1.the property of favoring one foot over the other (as in kicking a ball)

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  • footed
  • footcandle
  • footbridge
  • footboard
  • footbath
  • footballer
  • football tee
  • football team
  • football stadium
  • football season
  • footer
  • footfall
  • footfault
  • footgear
  • foothill
  • foothills
  • foothold
  • footing
  • footle
  • footless
  • declarer
  • funeral
  • fishing net
  • seize
  • tough-minded
  • expatriation
  • paralanguage
  • octal digit
  • soul-searching
  • ophidiidae

  • Idiom of the Day

    cast one's vote
    to vote
    We arrived early to cast our vote in the election.

    Immediately Andrew started to worry. He didn't know her name. He didn't know her address and he felt strange. He ________ his pulse. He tests his mental faculties: Two and two make four.

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