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1.living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed

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  • forecasting
  • forecaster
  • forecast
  • forebrain
  • foreboding
  • forebode
  • forebear
  • forearm
  • fore-topsail
  • fore-topmast
  • foreclose
  • foreclosure
  • forecourt
  • foredate
  • foredeck
  • foredoom
  • forefather
  • forefinger
  • forefoot
  • forefront
  • geiger-muller counter
  • thermojunction
  • baby-boom generation
  • capital of central africa
  • mumble
  • price-controlled
  • gripsack
  • lepidopteron
  • secpar
  • republic of guinea-bissau

  • Idiom of the Day

    stick out like a sore thumb
    to be obvious and visible
    The woman sticks out like a sore thumb when she wears her red hat.

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  • Summer Health Foods

    Tart Cherries

    They deliver a host of health benefits. You may have heard that drinking tart cherry juice can help you get a better nights sleep and quell post-workout pain (read more about that here). But did you know that compounds in tart cherries may also help you slimdown and get leaner? When scientists at the University of Michigan Health System put rats on a high-fat diet supplemented with either a tart-cherry powder (equal to 1% of the weight of their total diet) or the same number of calories from carbohydrate, those that got the cherry powder gained less weight and body fat. Why? The anthocyanins in tart cherries activate a molecule that helps rev up fat burning anddecrease fat storage.

    Chourishi Systems