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1.the founder of a family
2.person from an earlier time who contributed to the tradition shared by some group

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  • foredoom
  • foredeck
  • foredate
  • forecourt
  • foreclosure
  • foreclose
  • forecastle
  • forecasting
  • forecaster
  • forecast
  • forefinger
  • forefoot
  • forefront
  • foregather
  • forego
  • foregoing
  • foregone
  • foregone conclusion
  • foreground
  • foreground processing
  • wineglass heel
  • gestational age
  • alpha centauri
  • overleaf
  • swiss mountain pine
  • felis silvestris
  • unexploratory
  • tympanites
  • frustration
  • gamma-interferon

  • Idiom of the Day

    blow (something) out of all proportion
    to make a bigger issue about something than it really is
    The problem was very small but the manager blew it out of all proportion.

    I cannot work today because I have very bad tooth________ .

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    Laxative food

    Passion fruit juice is a laxative food which aids bowel action. It is beneficial in digestive problems and for those suffering from constipation. It is an excellent remedy for the treatment of hyperacidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers when taken in doses of 4 to 6 ounces every 2 hours.

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