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1.the founder of a family
2.person from an earlier time who contributed to the tradition shared by some group

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  • foredoom
  • foredeck
  • foredate
  • forecourt
  • foreclosure
  • foreclose
  • forecastle
  • forecasting
  • forecaster
  • forecast
  • forefinger
  • forefoot
  • forefront
  • foregather
  • forego
  • foregoing
  • foregone
  • foregone conclusion
  • foreground
  • foreground processing
  • thick-footed morel
  • rachis
  • hemimetabola
  • william golding
  • quoter
  • magyarorszag
  • ebbtide
  • captopril
  • titi monkey
  • toll collector

  • Idiom of the Day

    Join the club!
    an expression used when another person is in the same situation (usually bad) as the speaker
    "Join the club. None of us have enough money to go on a holiday."


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  • Benefits of Brussel

    Support to rugulate blood

    Various necessary compounds are packaged into these little cabbages to work synergistically to help regulate blood circulation for the prevention of inflammatory problems in, and the support of, the cardiovascular system. brussel sprouts contain a glucoside, sinigrin. Early laboratory studies suggest that sinigrin helps protect from colon cancers by destroying pre cancerous cells.

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