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foreign office

1.the government department in charge of foreign relations

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  • foreign mission
  • foreign minister
  • foreign legion
  • foreign intelligence surveillance court
  • foreign intelligence surveillance act
  • foreign intelligence service
  • foreign exchange
  • foreign draft
  • foreign direct investment
  • foreign correspondent
  • foreign policy
  • foreign service
  • foreign terrorist organization
  • foreign-born
  • foreigner
  • foreignness
  • foreknow
  • foreknowledge
  • forelady
  • foreland
  • dog fennel
  • unsurpassable
  • turtle soup
  • treble clef
  • short-range
  • bedframe
  • firm omelet
  • ghost
  • somatic sense
  • gamma-interferon

  • Idiom of the Day

    in a tizzy
    in an excited and confused condition
    The girl was in a tizzy as she got ready for her friend's wedding.

    ________ is that sitting over there in the corner?

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