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foreign office

1.the government department in charge of foreign relations

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  • foreign mission
  • foreign minister
  • foreign legion
  • foreign intelligence surveillance court
  • foreign intelligence surveillance act
  • foreign intelligence service
  • foreign exchange
  • foreign draft
  • foreign direct investment
  • foreign correspondent
  • foreign policy
  • foreign service
  • foreign terrorist organization
  • foreign-born
  • foreigner
  • foreignness
  • foreknow
  • foreknowledge
  • forelady
  • foreland
  • thomas tallis
  • mulatto
  • buckleya distichophylla
  • estimation
  • scattergood
  • parazoa
  • earmuff
  • proconsular
  • pentecostal religion
  • cerotic acid

  • Idiom of the Day

    under one`s thumb
    obedient to someone, controlled by someone
    The man is only an assistant salesman but he has his boss under his thumb.

    An organism with a single ________ is called protozoa.

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  • Rules to play Tee Ball


    The ball is not pitched in Aussie T Ball instead it is batted from a tee. A hitter may have as many swings as they require in hitting the ball into fair territory. A player is out when A batted ball is caught on the full. A player in possession of the ball stands on the base before the runner arrives. A runner between bases is tagged by a fielder with the glove or hand which is holding the ball. An inning is completed when every player on the batting team has completed a turn at bat. Each inning the lead off hitter becomes the sixth hitter in the next inning and subsequent hitters will move up one spot in the line up so that every hitter has the chance to lead off an inning.

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