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foreign office

1.the government department in charge of foreign relations

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  • foreign mission
  • foreign minister
  • foreign legion
  • foreign intelligence surveillance court
  • foreign intelligence surveillance act
  • foreign intelligence service
  • foreign exchange
  • foreign draft
  • foreign direct investment
  • foreign correspondent
  • foreign policy
  • foreign service
  • foreign terrorist organization
  • foreign-born
  • foreigner
  • foreignness
  • foreknow
  • foreknowledge
  • forelady
  • foreland
  • velvety
  • hightail it
  • joffre
  • rowing
  • mythicise
  • medical aid
  • mary martin
  • silkworm moth
  • frown line
  • fishily

  • Idiom of the Day

    in care of (someone)
    something is sent to someone at someone else's address
    My income tax refund was sent to me in care of my company.

    (1) The unfortunate person,
    (P) of social contempt
    (Q) but he is also the victim
    (R) who is unemployed, is
    (S) not only the object of self-pity,
    (6) and a danger to the society.

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