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1.a person who comes from a foreign country
2.someone who is excluded from or is not a member of a group

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  • foreign-born
  • foreign terrorist organization
  • foreign service
  • foreign policy
  • foreign office
  • foreign mission
  • foreign minister
  • foreign legion
  • foreign intelligence surveillance court
  • foreign intelligence surveillance act
  • foreignness
  • foreknow
  • foreknowledge
  • forelady
  • foreland
  • foreleg
  • forelimb
  • forelock
  • foreman
  • foremanship
  • sloop
  • derrida
  • foretell
  • conversant
  • femtometre
  • unbeatable
  • pasquinade
  • chromatic vision
  • sword lily
  • psephurus gladis

  • Idiom of the Day

    down at the heels
    to be shabby, to be poorly dressed
    The man looked down at the heels after he was fired from his job.


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