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1.known beforehand

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  • foretoken
  • forethoughtful
  • forethought
  • foretelling
  • foretell
  • foretaste
  • foreswear
  • forestry
  • forestiera neomexicana
  • forestiera
  • foretop
  • forever
  • forever and a day
  • forevermore
  • forewarn
  • forewarning
  • forewing
  • forewoman
  • foreword
  • forfeit
  • nothofagus obliqua
  • balsam apple
  • spassky
  • bairdiella chrysoura
  • zinsser
  • charles evans hughes
  • animadvert
  • computer operation
  • overfatigue
  • hawaiian dancing

  • Idiom of the Day

    hand (something) down to (someone) or hand down (something) to (someone)
    to give something to a younger person
    The girl always handed her old clothes down to her younger sister.


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