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1.the doctrine that formal structure rather than content is what should be represented
2.(philosophy) the philosophical theory that formal (logical or mathematical) statements have no meaning but that its symbols (regarded as physical entities) exhibit a form that has useful applications
3.the practice of scrupulous adherence to prescribed or external forms

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  • formalise
  • formalisation
  • formalin
  • formaldehyde
  • formal logic
  • formal garden
  • formal
  • form-only
  • form of government
  • formalistic
  • formalities
  • formality
  • formalization
  • formalize
  • formalized
  • formally
  • formalness
  • formalwear
  • format
  • display board
  • relict
  • window-shop
  • blebby
  • automatic rifle
  • on-key
  • actuarial table
  • hessian boot
  • unimproved
  • naval equipment

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    Rise and shine!
    Get out of bed and begin the day!
    "Rise and shine!" my father called to me in the morning.

    I'll be ready when she ________

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