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1.with official authorization
2.in a formal manner

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  • formalized
  • formalize
  • formalization
  • formality
  • formalities
  • formalistic
  • formalism
  • formalised
  • formalise
  • formalisation
  • formalness
  • formalwear
  • format
  • formation
  • formative
  • formative cell
  • formatted capacity
  • formatting
  • formed
  • former
  • restored
  • lightlessness
  • fraternization
  • collagenous
  • machine-controlled
  • trend setting
  • lespedeza cuneata
  • class cyanophyceae
  • lycaon pictus
  • actualization

  • Idiom of the Day

    play the field
    to date many different people, to avoid steady dates with the same person
    After my sister stopped dating her boyfriend she decided to play the field.

    She ran ________ a huge bill in the restaurant

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  • World Architecture

    Oresund Link

    The ambitious project to construct a fixed rail and road link across the 65-mile (105-kilometer) Oresund Strait was agreed to by the Danish and Swedish governments in March 1991. The resulting 10-mile (16-kilometer) combination of submarine tunnel, artificial island, and bridge, carrying a double-track electrified railroad and four lanes of freeway between Kastrup, Denmark, and Lernacken, Sweden, was officially opened on 1 July 2000. Responding to complex social, cultural, economic, ecological, geological, and technological constraints, the transoceanic international highway is a major achievement of design and logistical skill, demonstrating that high technology and environmental sustainability are compatible. Each country was responsible for extending its transport system to connect with the link. A/S Oresund built the Danish land works, while Svensk-Danska Brof

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