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1.given to merry frolicking

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  • frolicky
  • frolic
  • frogs
  • frogmouth
  • frogmarch
  • frogman
  • froghopper
  • frogfish
  • frogbit family
  • frogbit
  • frolicsomeness
  • from each one
  • from head to toe
  • from nowhere
  • from pillar to post
  • from scratch
  • from start to finish
  • from the heart
  • from time to time
  • from way back
  • fusspot
  • pro-life faction
  • lethal
  • playground ball
  • genus portulaca
  • aye-aye
  • unilateralism
  • first epistle to the corinthians
  • mosquito bite
  • fibonacci sequence

  • Idiom of the Day

    nobody's home
    one`s attention is somewhere else, one has a simple mind
    Nobody`s home I thought, as I tried to have a conversation with the strange man.

    I do take my hat ________ to the new director for having pulled the company back from bankruptcy.

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  • Benefits of Mustard Seeds

    White Mustard

    White Mustard (Brassica alba or Brassica hirta) is a round hard seed, beige or straw coloured. Its light outer skin is removed before sale. With its milder flavour and good preservative qualities, this is the one that is most commonly used in ballpark mustard and in pickling.

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