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from each one

1.to or from every one of two or more (considered individually)

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  • frolicsomeness
  • frolicsome
  • frolicky
  • frolic
  • frogs
  • frogmouth
  • frogmarch
  • frogman
  • froghopper
  • frogfish
  • from head to toe
  • from nowhere
  • from pillar to post
  • from scratch
  • from start to finish
  • from the heart
  • from time to time
  • from way back
  • fromental halevy
  • frond
  • harelip
  • wavefront
  • brown
  • malignant hepatoma
  • innominate artery
  • crackle
  • calcitic
  • metroptosis
  • breast of veal
  • calumny

  • Idiom of the Day

    open fire on (someone)
    to start shooting at someone, to start asking questions or criticizing someone
    The police opened fire on the man with the gun.
    The managers of the company opened fire on the supervisor at the meeting and began to criticize him.

    The contract was signed by the three partners who thus agreed to ________ by terms and conditions contained in it.

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