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1.a diminutive fruit, especially one that is part of a multiple fruit

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  • fruitlessness
  • fruitlessly
  • fruitless
  • fruition
  • fruiting body
  • fruiting
  • fruitfulness
  • fruitfully
  • fruitful
  • fruiterer
  • fruitwood
  • fruity
  • frumenty
  • frump
  • frumpily
  • frumpish
  • frumpishly
  • frumpy
  • frunze
  • frustrate
  • urex
  • ghetto
  • unfavourable
  • trudger
  • scanty
  • consenting
  • rhabdovirus
  • hector berlioz
  • temperature scale
  • home front

  • Idiom of the Day

    can't stomach (someone or something)
    to dislike someone or something very much
    I cannot stomach the idea of another week of work before my holiday.

    If you don't do something today, I shall be ________ to take legal action.

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  • Cartoon Characters


    She was brought back to life by Sacred Cats, now she is CatWoman. She has to be included in this list of cartoon characters as one woman with some gggrrreat cat skills.

    As any other superhero, she does her duty and saves her part of humans.

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