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1.a diminutive fruit, especially one that is part of a multiple fruit

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  • fruitlessness
  • fruitlessly
  • fruitless
  • fruition
  • fruiting body
  • fruiting
  • fruitfulness
  • fruitfully
  • fruitful
  • fruiterer
  • fruitwood
  • fruity
  • frumenty
  • frump
  • frumpily
  • frumpish
  • frumpishly
  • frumpy
  • frunze
  • frustrate
  • fire-raising
  • punnet
  • squareness
  • parietaria
  • traumatise
  • motacillidae
  • clupeid fish
  • pulp magazine
  • in her right mind
  • sweep under the rug

  • Idiom of the Day

    get it through one`s head
    to understand or believe something
    The man has got it through his head that he will get a job without making any effort.

    The First Conditional refers to________

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  • Effective Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

    Jumping Jacks

    Muscles worked calves, hip abductors, hip adductors While there is probably no need get into the how of jumping jacks, as we assume everyone is at least familiar with the mechanics, unfortunately familiarity breeds contempt and this workout is often overlooked due to its percieved simplicity. It can be an amazing warm up though, and if you are having trouble finding space to run jog, a thousand jumping jacks make for an excellent cardio workout.

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