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1.a diminutive fruit, especially one that is part of a multiple fruit

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  • fruitlessness
  • fruitlessly
  • fruitless
  • fruition
  • fruiting body
  • fruiting
  • fruitfulness
  • fruitfully
  • fruitful
  • fruiterer
  • fruitwood
  • fruity
  • frumenty
  • frump
  • frumpily
  • frumpish
  • frumpishly
  • frumpy
  • frunze
  • frustrate
  • fungus gnat
  • metallurgical
  • jaspers
  • delaware river
  • abjectly
  • protogeometric
  • quarter rest
  • white daisy
  • laurel willow
  • dual inline package switch

  • Idiom of the Day

    thumbs down on (someone or something)
    to be opposed to someone or something
    My boss told me to vote thumbs down on the proposal that was presented at the meeting.

    I'll see to that in two ________ and it'll be all over in a minute.

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    The White Desert Egypt

    An off road vehicle moves among chalk Inselbergs at sunrise in the Egyptian White Desert. The desert in the Farafra Depression is known worldwide for its alien like, wind eroded rock formations called Inselbergs.

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