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1.snarled or stalled in complete confusion

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  • fuck up
  • fuck all
  • fuchsia excorticata
  • fuchsia coccinea
  • fuchsia
  • fuchs
  • fucales
  • fucaceae
  • ftp
  • fto
  • fuckhead
  • fuckup
  • fucoid
  • fucoid algae
  • fucus
  • fucus serratus
  • fucus vesiculosus
  • fuddle
  • fuddled
  • fuddy-duddy
  • if not
  • narcoterrorism
  • power-driven
  • alligator
  • smelling salts
  • tinkerer
  • genus gastrolobium
  • discussion
  • individualize
  • floating-point number

  • Idiom of the Day

    neck and neck
    to be equal or nearly equal in a race or contest
    The two teams were neck and neck in the race to win the national championship.

    I didn't start ________ to become a teacher but fell into the job.

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  • Rules to play Snow Shoeing

    Places to Go Snowshoeing

    Below are a few suggestions to get you started. REI offers many books on where to snowshoe locally, plus you should consider local clubs or the taking a class with the REI Outdoor School. Cross country ski resorts. These areas charge a fee to use their groomed trail system. Permit areas. Known in some states as Sno parks, these are areas where you can park for a fee in a plowed location close to trails and snow play areas. Any area where you hike in the summer or ski off trail in the winter. National forests and state parks. Other mapped routes, established trails and controlled areas.

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