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1.a bore

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  • fuddled
  • fuddle
  • fucus vesiculosus
  • fucus serratus
  • fucus
  • fucoid algae
  • fucoid
  • fuckup
  • fuckhead
  • fucked-up
  • fudge
  • fudge factor
  • fudge sauce
  • fudge together
  • fuego
  • fuel
  • fuel cell
  • fuel consumption rate
  • fuel filter
  • fuel gauge
  • basic point defense missile system
  • affray
  • ardent
  • united mine workers of america
  • nonpolar
  • chide
  • wild mandrake
  • meteorological satellite
  • yoruba
  • cardigan welsh corgi

  • Idiom of the Day

    no wonder
    not surprising
    No wonder the boy is so tired after staying up all night.

    Unless he does not return (a) / all the library books (b) / he will not be (c) relieved from the service. (d) No error (e)

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    The tree is seldom felled for timber unless there is a particular need for it. The heartwood is pinkish or redbrown, violet, or darkpurple; finegrained, compact, heavy, hard, strong, tough but not difficult to work; durable indoors but not outside in humid conditions. It has been utilized for heavy construction and for deluxe furniture, cabinetwork and balustrades.

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