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galvanic pile

1.battery consisting of voltaic cells arranged in series

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  • galvanic battery
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  • galvani
  • galumph
  • galtonia candicans
  • galton
  • galsworthy
  • galosh
  • galore
  • galvanic skin response
  • galvanisation
  • galvanise
  • galvaniser
  • galvanising
  • galvanism
  • galvanization
  • galvanize
  • galvanized iron
  • galvanizer
  • rat-tail file
  • redistributed
  • staminate
  • buffalo wing
  • in poor taste
  • tsuga mertensiana
  • cephaloridine
  • plus sign
  • sore
  • horned chameleon

  • Idiom of the Day

    eat in
    to eat at home, to eat in a restaurant where you have a choice to either eat in the restaurant or take the food out
    We usually like to eat in on the weekends.
    We went to the fast food restaurant and we decided to eat in rather than take the food out.

    Jackson’s poor typing skills were a ________ to finding employment at the nearby office complex.

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