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1.dressed or clothed especially in fine attire

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  • garment-worker
  • garment worker
  • garment industry
  • garment cutter
  • garment bag
  • garment
  • garlicky
  • garlic sauce
  • garlic salt
  • garlic press
  • garmentless
  • garmentmaker
  • garner
  • garnet
  • garnet lac
  • garnier
  • garnierite
  • garnish
  • garnished
  • garnishee
  • american wisteria
  • rife
  • hit-or-miss
  • mock-heroic
  • gala affair
  • furor
  • robert falcon scott
  • eighty-five
  • canada plum
  • placer mining

  • Idiom of the Day

    cast about for (someone or something)
    to look for someone or something
    The man has been casting about for a new job for a long time.

    He ________ at a hotel at the moment as his house is not ready

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    Sony may have jumped the gun with its 10 inch OLED monitor, but we still think organic light emitting diode may be the future of display technology. Well, it will be, as soon as someone figures out how to produce it for cheap. OLED is basically a thin film made up of organic compounds that come to life when an electric current passes through it. This allows devices based on the tech to be super thin. And because it doesn t use a backlight, colors come out bright and sharp. It has a faster response time than LCDs. Though there are a host of burdens to overcome besides the cost of production five year average life spans, outdoor viewing the possible applications are limitless.

    Chourishi Systems