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genus charadrius

1.type genus of the Charadriidae: plovers

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  • genus chamaeleo
  • genus chamaedaphne
  • genus chamaecytisus
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  • genus chamaea
  • genus chalcostigma
  • genus charina
  • genus charronia
  • genus chateura
  • genus chauna
  • genus cheilanthes
  • genus cheiranthus
  • genus chelidonium
  • genus chelifer
  • genus chelone
  • genus chelonia
  • subsequence
  • qintar
  • holotype
  • needful
  • lily of the nile
  • pocket knife
  • disenfranchised
  • shed light on
  • fashions
  • zip

  • Idiom of the Day

    get into a stew about/over (someone or something)
    to be worried or upset about someone or something
    My mother is getting into a stew over my aunt not phoning.

    The new musical that has had such bad reviews will ________ at the end of this week.

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