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genus gulo

1.a genus of Mustelidae

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  • genus grias
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  • genus grevillea
  • genus gutierrezia
  • genus gymnadenia
  • genus gymnadeniopsis
  • genus gymnelis
  • genus gymnocalycium
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  • genus gymnocladus
  • genus gymnogyps
  • genus gymnopilus
  • genus gymnorhina
  • genus laelia
  • greenhorn
  • sense of purpose
  • charge account credit
  • eve
  • old age
  • aalii
  • do justice
  • wretchedly
  • strangler tree

  • Idiom of the Day

    make arrangements for (someone or something)
    to make plans for someone or something
    We made arrangements for a small wedding for my cousin.

    knell is most similar to

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    Thats right, badminton is an Olympic sport. Otherwise known as the sport fancy ladies play while wearing fancy hats during their tea breaks. Just thinking about badminton makes me want to talk in a high-pitched voice and an English accent like a cross between a cross-dressing Monty Python sketch and a Jane Austen novel, except from a much more American perspective. Oh, hello there, Mrs. Bigglesworth. So nice of your to join. May I interest you in a crumpet during your serve? I assure you they are quite a delight. Im sorry, but Im afraid my dear complexion simply cannot handle sugary confections without breaking out in hives. I think I may have moved to southern lady at some point in my head there.

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