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genus gulo

1.a genus of Mustelidae

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  • genus guevina
  • genus guaiacum
  • genus grus
  • genus groenlandia
  • genus grison
  • genus griselinia
  • genus grindelia
  • genus grias
  • genus grewia
  • genus grevillea
  • genus gutierrezia
  • genus gymnadenia
  • genus gymnadeniopsis
  • genus gymnelis
  • genus gymnocalycium
  • genus gymnocarpium
  • genus gymnocladus
  • genus gymnogyps
  • genus gymnopilus
  • genus gymnorhina
  • subularia
  • rancorous
  • b horizon
  • genus charina
  • unmilitary
  • apple blight
  • unguent
  • lead arsenate
  • tavern
  • swollen-headed

  • Idiom of the Day

    wound up
    to be very excited, to be nervous or upset
    I was wound up yesterday after work and I could not go to sleep easily.

    I have a ________ and a daughter going to school.

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  • Benefits of Bamboo Shoots

    Anti inflammatory

    Bamboo shoots possess anti inflammatory characteristics, which can be used for topical application to reduce swelling, as well as for healing internal inflammations in all parts of the body, when taken internally. Bamboo contains analgesic and anti inflammatory effects, and is used to treat ulcers in the body, as well as swollen injuries.

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