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genus heloderma

1.type genus of the Helodermatidae

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  • genus helminthostachys
  • genus helleborus
  • genus helix
  • genus helipterum
  • genus heliothis
  • genus heliopsis
  • genus heliophila
  • genus heliobacter
  • genus helicteres
  • genus helichrysum
  • genus helotium
  • genus helvella
  • genus helwingia
  • genus helxine
  • genus hemachatus
  • genus hemerocallis
  • genus hemigalus
  • genus hemigrammus
  • genus hemipteronatus
  • genus hemitripterus
  • razorbacked hog
  • manner
  • freesia
  • riemannian
  • corbie-step
  • hollands
  • jade-green
  • streaming
  • parlous
  • phylloxeridae

  • Idiom of the Day

    count one`s chickens before they`re hatched
    to assume that something will be successful before it is certain
    "Don`t count your chickens before they`re hatched. You are spending your money before you have a job."


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    Darjeeling is also known as the dreamland of the east. Its natural beauty is enough to lure a tourist and keep him captivated all his or her life. The hill station has many exotic waterfalls, hills blossoming with flowers of every shade, and the tea gardens. The Darjeeling Tea is one of the most popular teas in the world.

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