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genus hexamita

1.flagellates free-living or parasitic in intestines of birds

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  • genus heterodon
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  • genus heteranthera
  • genus hexanchus
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  • genus hibiscus
  • genus hieracium
  • genus himantoglossum
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  • genus hippobosca
  • genus hippocampus
  • genus hippocrepis
  • cata-cornered
  • multiplier
  • pancake turner
  • caliche-topped
  • riskily
  • lollop
  • tradescant's aster
  • butyric
  • import
  • navy secretary

  • Idiom of the Day

    freeze (someone) out or freeze out (someone)
    to prevent someone from getting a share in something by unfriendly or dishonest treatment
    The man froze his partner out of the profits from the sale of the land.

    If you are planning a holiday in Amsterdam, you'd better go by plane because otherwise it is a three day ________ by bus from Bulgaria to Holland.

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