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genus leptopteris

1.including some ferns sometimes placed in genus Todea

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  • genus leptoglossus
  • genus leptodactylus
  • genus leptinotarsa
  • genus leptarrhena
  • genus lepomis
  • genus lepisosteus
  • genus lepisma
  • genus lepiota
  • genus lepidothamnus
  • genus lepidocybium
  • genus leptoptilus
  • genus leptospira
  • genus leptotyphlops
  • genus lepus
  • genus lespedeza
  • genus lesquerella
  • genus leucadendron
  • genus leucaena
  • genus leucanthemum
  • genus leuciscus
  • paris green
  • order taxales
  • casualty
  • kph
  • tiepin
  • assay-mark
  • ochoa
  • mosquito craft
  • sowbread
  • district

  • Idiom of the Day

    on top of (something/things)
    to know all about something, to be up-to-date
    My friend reads the newspaper every morning and is on top of the latest news.

    During hibernation
    (P)they have lost a good deal of weight
    (Q) of course the animals consume
    (R) and when they awake again
    (S) the fats accumulated in the surnmer

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    Largest hamburger commercially available

    The largest commercially available hamburger is 74.75 kilograms (164.8 pounds) and is available for $399 on the menu at Mallie s Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate, Mich., as of Aug. 29, 2008.

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