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genus leptopteris

1.including some ferns sometimes placed in genus Todea

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  • genus leptoglossus
  • genus leptodactylus
  • genus leptinotarsa
  • genus leptarrhena
  • genus lepomis
  • genus lepisosteus
  • genus lepisma
  • genus lepiota
  • genus lepidothamnus
  • genus lepidocybium
  • genus leptoptilus
  • genus leptospira
  • genus leptotyphlops
  • genus lepus
  • genus lespedeza
  • genus lesquerella
  • genus leucadendron
  • genus leucaena
  • genus leucanthemum
  • genus leuciscus
  • khanate
  • leucogenes
  • antagonistic muscle
  • kislev
  • ingenuously
  • bust-up
  • hypericum pyramidatum
  • amenability
  • resigned
  • unarguable

  • Idiom of the Day

    out of sorts
    in a bad mood
    Our boss is out of sorts today so you should wait until tomorrow to speak to him.

    There must be ________ job for me; I really need the work

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