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genus loiseleuria

1.1 species: alpine azalea

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  • genus logania
  • genus lofortyx
  • genus locusta
  • genus lobularia
  • genus lobotes
  • genus lobipes
  • genus lobelia
  • genus loasa
  • genus livistona
  • genus littorina
  • genus loligo
  • genus lolium
  • genus lomatia
  • genus lomogramma
  • genus lonas
  • genus lonchocarpus
  • genus lonicera
  • genus lophius
  • genus lophodytes
  • genus lopholatilus
  • voting system
  • tendentious
  • foeniculum dulce
  • intentional
  • grooving
  • oryx gazella
  • megatherian mammal
  • ring-necked snake
  • wild indigo
  • coleus

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep one's feet on the ground
    to remain firmly established
    My friend lost his job but he is trying hard to keep his feet on the ground.

    To perform this experiment, (a) / drop little sugar (b) / into a glass of water. (c) /No error (d)

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  • Rules to play Water Skiing

    Skier Signals

    The only verbal signal a skier usually makes the boat is to yell Hit it! when they are ready to start. This phrase is recommended because it is not easily confused with anything else. A lot of people like to yell Go! but this could be confused with No! resulting in a start when the skier is not ready. The driver should not pull the skier out of the water until they are sure that Hit it! has been called, either directly or via their (trusted) observer.The common hand signals are shown below. But note that the driver is technically in command of the boat so ultimately it is the drivers decision whether or not to follow the signal. Drivers should treat any signal from the skier, other than requests for immediate stop or to change speed, as a request rather than as a command. The driver must determine at all times the best course of action in order to preserve the safety of boat, crew and skier.

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