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genus negaprion

1.lemon sharks

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  • genus necturus
  • genus nautilus
  • genus naucrates
  • genus nauclea
  • genus natrix
  • genus nasua
  • genus nasturtium
  • genus nasalis
  • genus narthecium
  • genus narcissus
  • genus nelumbo
  • genus nemophila
  • genus neoceratodus
  • genus neofiber
  • genus neohygrophorus
  • genus neolentinus
  • genus neomys
  • genus neophron
  • genus neotoma
  • genus nepa
  • family lecythidaceae
  • gonadotrophin
  • bangle
  • percy bysshe shelley
  • grid metal
  • car care
  • genus gymnadenia
  • companionway
  • genus sequoiadendron
  • gustatory

  • Idiom of the Day

    generous to a fault
    to be too generous
    My friend is generous to a fault and he sometimes gives too much to his friends.


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  • Most Anticipated Movies

    Point Break

    Again, we really dont know much about this remake other than the fact that we wont be seeing Keanu Reeves or the late Patrick Swayze in it (although a small cameo from a Keanu Reeves as a fellow surfer on the beach would be pretty awesome).It follows the same plot, hopefully with a few curveballs, and I think its safe to say the entire eighties generation who watched (and loved) this film as teenagers are holding their breath and praying that writer Kurt Wimmer and director Ericson Core do this classic surfer action justice.

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